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Stanley Village Pre-school Development Proposals

Approved in Principle by the Parish Council

The Parish Council has approved in principle the following proposal from the pre school at its June 2018 meeting.  Regular updates will be received at meetings and be available in the minutes.

1. To provide Pre School children with a safe outdoor learning environment by erecting a permanent play area fence with crash gate.

2. To extend the outdoor space to the front of the park benches and continue the fencing in a straight line along the building to the join back up with the current fencing at the 90o turn opposite the main entrance

3. To install a new path from the yellow posts at the edge of the car park, to run along the outside edge of the proposed new fencing, terminating at the gate entrance to the park at the far end of the field

4. To level all of the ground that would be inside the new fencing and form the new path to ensure that it is safe and accessible for the community with any level of mobility issues

5. To install a new foul drain (location shown on appendix 1 and link it into existing appropriate drainage channels as has been deemed possible by three independent building contractors during the development of this proposal

6. To erect an extension on the current building between the current wall and park fencing to provide storage for the preschool and parish council.